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Friends Only


"Feel the fear and do it anyway."

~Susan Jeffers


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hi there,
ive just popped by on a random search and dont want to miss out on sharing the love! Im very new here, infact i dont have one friend at all. NOT ONE! I think, i just may choose you to be the first.
ps love the layout!
I just added you to my friends list, welcome aboard! :)

I'm glad you like my layout, yours looked gorgeous! ;) I'm not very good with html and all the overrides here at LJ (And I have no idea how the S2 thingy works!) so it took me practically forever to get this layout to work. But I'm very satisfied with it now!
wow, your layout is adorable!

I was doing a random search and found you...your journal was interesting to me and your info page makes me think we have a lot in common, so I figured I'd add you and see what happens :)
Hey there!

I added you to my friends list, so you should now be able to see my entries. I love random searches! :D

It took me forever to get the layout work, and even though it's still not perfect, I'm quite satisfied. So, thanks!

(Oh, btw, your pets are adorable! I love your cat, Pippin was it? I'm allergic to cats, so I only have a dog. That reminds me, I really should post some more recent pictures... :))
Aww, thank you! Yes, my cat is Pippin and my dogs are Ripley (the one in this icon post) and Emet.
You appeared on my random user frame and i visited your page...
i really know nothing about you, but thought I might comment anyway and maybe make a new connection here on LJ.
Like the title says.. no good reason other than the random chance of crossing paths.

Been forever since I checked this post. Finally had the intelligence to make it backdated, so... Maybe I won't be this late in the future... :D

But hello! I really do love random searches, it's awesome way to find great personalities you wouldn't meet otherwise.

Friend me? :D I already friended you.
Your layout is so beautiful :)
I'm new to livejournal, and you seem like an interesting person.
Care to be my friend ?
Of course! :) I already added you to my friends list.

Though I have to warn you that my journal has been pretty quiet for a few months now. I basically just stop by to read my friends list but haven't really got the time to do much else. Work work work and the stress that is involved in applying to a university and waiting anxiously for the results. *wink* But once I get my life sorted out and I actually know what the hell I'm going to do from now on, I'm sure I'll update more. :)
Hi, I saw you in prophetess666's journal, and we seem to have some things in common (like writing)... mind if I add you?

I'd be glad if you added me, I already added you! :)
Like all the others I found you on MyLJ random user and you seem really interesting and like we would get along well and have a lot in common. I am adding you, feel free to add me back or let me know if you would like me to take you off.

Have a good day.
I added you to my friends list, so welcome aboard! :)

I really, really love your icon, beautiful. I'm sure we'll get along just fine. *grin*

See ya!
Sorry, took me forever to notice your comment... *cough*
it happens


do you speak Russian?
I studied Russian back when I was in high school, but I've pretty much forgotten everything since then. Which kind of got me confused when I glanced at your journal, I still recognized the letters but didn't really understand more than a couple of words... ;) Do you ever write in English?

I'll add you if you'd like, though our friendship might be kind of one-sided if I don't understand a word you write about. :D
Give it a try.

My LJ is a mix of moods and poems. People who do know Russian sometimes do not get it.

I write in English, but hardly in LJ.

Your comments in my diary are welcome in any language. :)
Added you! :D
did the same :)

stop by